Guest Book Plugin does not function correctly

  • Hello,

    I just purchased the Guest Book Plugin today and I cannot make it work.
    I get an error message.

    I also noticed that it is impossible to delete this Plugin. I would like to delete it as this Plugin (regardless of the Permission settings in ACP)
    is allowing for Visitors to my forum to view everything on my forum.

    Please see the screen shots I have taken.

  • 1. The 1st thing I did was to UNINSTALL the main Plugin plus the "addition" that was with it.
    2. I was able to get my forum back to what it was before the installation of the Guest Book Plugin.

    3. Of the three screen shots I included in my Post #1 above, the 3rd attachment shows what happens when I clicked on:
    "Add Guestbook Entry" - as is shown in Attachment #2.

    This message came up whether I was logged in as Admin OR just as a visitor to the forum (NOT logged in).

    WHY the error message: "Page not fund"

  • Thought perhaps I should include my latest response to you here - in addition to my reply in "conversations":

    From last Sunday:
    Hello Marcel,

    Okay, I did as you instructed.
    However, I am still getting this message (see below) when I click on the "Guestbook" Link - (located in the TOP MENU BAR of my forum):

    Sorry, but the page you are looking for has not been found. Try checking the URL for errors, then hit the refresh button on your browser.

    Back to previous page.

    NOTE 1:
    The above is an active link, and is colored in RED.
    Clicking on it takes me back to the "Add Guestbook Entry" page

    NOTE 2:
    1. The SAME message occurs whether or not I am logged in to my forum or looking at the forum as a VISITOR -
    (not logged in).
    2. The LINK (Guestbook) is showing in the Top Menu Bar as both logged in or not logged in (as I would want it to be).

    NOTE 3:
    1. I forgot to mention this:

    This particular text (shown below) is displayed on the LOWER LEFT OF THE PAGE when I click on “Guestbook”



    I don't understand WHY this text shows when I click on "Guestbook"
    OR why it would display thereon.
    It is not an active link - just static text.

    You can personally view all of what I have stated here regarding the Guestbook App by pointing your browser to:

  • Hello Marcel,

    In giving you a test account with "ACP permission", what are the ACP permissions you need in order to do your testing?

    In the meantime, I will mention this problem with the Guestbook Plugin to my Hosting Provider, and ask them about the .htacces -
    if there is anything incorrectly set up with that particular area of my hosting account.


  • It need the permission to install plugins. It is the only way, how i can test if the File is realy not available and how i can fix the problem. (Annother way would be to have ftp access...)


    I will set up a "test account" for you later today; then will get back to you VIA "Conversations" regarding YOUR account so you can access ACP - RE: Permission to install Plugins.

    I received a reply from my Hosting Provider regarding this issue with "Guestbook" / .htaccess issue.
    Here is what they said:

    REPLY FROM MY Hosting Provider- 08 -26 - 2019

    Thank you for your patience.

    I have checked and do not see any issues on the server end or with the .htaccess file.

    I will suggest you please contact Guestbook developer to make these changes for the website. If they require us to make any server end change, please let us know.

  • After many tests i know, you're server is configured somewhere wrong.
    If you install the plugin in the directory "blog" the plugin will work fine, in another directories you always get the error of "that the page is not found". It could be the .htacces, SEO Settings in the acp or annother confuguration which don't allow getting access to a directory like "guestbook", "test" and many many other directories i tested...



  • Hello Marcel,

    Very good to see that "Guestbook" is now active and working on my forum!
    Thank you for "hanging in there" and helping me to get this Plugin to function properly as intended. :)

    I will relay your comment above to my Hosting Provider, even thought they have previously stated there are no apparent incorrect settings with the .htaccess files, as they did offer to make any changes or corrections that were required by you, the Developer of "Guestbook".


  • Hello Marcel,

    Just thought you might like to know YOU were correct ;) - the problem was with SEO Settings - and a couple of other incorrect settings too.

    Any way, everything is functioning correctly now; and your Guestbook Plugin is working with the correct path, i.e., /guestbook/ - and now other Plugins I may purchase in the future should function with the intended "path" for those plugins.


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