List plugins

ID Package identifier Plugin name Plugin description Developer
16 Wettbewerbe Basissystem Mit dieser Endanwendung werden Grundfunktionen für verschiedene Wettkämpfe bereitgestellt. Marcel Beckers, YoureCom
15 de.lrde.weatherWarning Weather warning from the DWD Displays current weather warnings for Germany and your region. Alexander Langer, Marco Daries
14 WoltLab Suite Blog: Article Threads Automatically generates threads for blog articles. WoltLab GmbH
13 com.woltlab.filebase.supportThread WoltLab Suite Filebase: Support Threads Automatically generates support threads for files. WoltLab GmbH
12 com.woltlab.wcf.moderatedUserGroup WoltLab Suite Core: Moderated User Groups Moderated User Groups allows the user to send applications to join a user group. WoltLab GmbH
11 com.woltlab.wcf.legalNotice WoltLab Suite Core: Legal Notice Adds a new page to your website with information about the site owner. (This is required for German websites.) WoltLab GmbH
10 com.woltlab.calendar.eventThread WoltLab Suite Calendar: Event Threads Automatically generates threads for calendar events. WoltLab GmbH
9 com.woltlab.wcf.exporter WoltLab Suite Core: Importer Import data from other discussion board systems. WoltLab GmbH
8 com.woltlab.wcf.ldap LDAP Authentication Provides user authentication via LDAP: Configuration » Options » Users » LDAP-Authentication WoltLab GmbH
7 com.woltlab.wcf.elasticSearch WoltLab Suite Core: Elasticsearch Uses Elasticsearch in favor of the default MySQL-based search. WoltLab GmbH
6 com.woltlab.filebase WoltLab Suite Filebase WoltLab Suite Filebase™ is the perfect addition to your community, providing a great platform to share files of any kind. WoltLab GmbH
5 WoltLab Suite Gallery Gallery designed for the appealing and structured presentation of pictures and videos. WoltLab GmbH
4 com.woltlab.calendar WoltLab Suite Calendar WoltLab Suite Calendar™ empowers you to organize events and keep your community informed on related events by third parties. WoltLab GmbH
3 WoltLab Suite Blog Start your own blog with WoltLab Suite Blog and invite your users to write articles on ideas, tips and tricks, experience reports etc. WoltLab GmbH
2 com.woltlab.wbb WoltLab Suite Forum The 5th generation of our tried and tested forum software perfectly combines user-generated content and lively communities. Awarded as the best forum software for consecutive years, Burning Board® leads your community to success. WoltLab GmbH
1 com.woltlab.wcf WoltLab Suite Core Free CMS and web-framework, designed for awesome websites and communities. WoltLab GmbH