Workplace Category Copy Rights

Copies the category group rights from the workplace from one category to another

As in the Woltlab store, many plugins romp about copying category rights,

I thought to make one available for the workplace.

The functionality is the same as with all others.

First the source category is selected and the associated target category in which the user rights are to be copied.

Multiple selection of target category is also possible.

In accordance with § 19 Section 1 (Kleinunternehmerregelung) the products are of Marcel Beckers exempt from sales tax.

  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.5 5.5.0

    - 24.06 kB - Downloaded7 times

    Adaptations to the WSC 5.5

  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.4 5.4.1

    - 3.49 kB - Downloaded14 times

    Code improvement

  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.4 5.4.0

    - 3.58 kB - Downloaded11 times

    Adaptation for the WSC 5.4.x

  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.3 5.3.0

    - 3.57 kB - Downloaded17 times

    Code improvements

    Adaptation for the WSC 5.3

  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 5.2.0

    - 3.62 kB - Downloaded0 times

    Code improvements

    Adaptation for the WSC 5.2

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