Competitions: Betting Game (Football)

The Betting Game plugin for the WoltLab Suite Core (WSC)

Product description

With the plugin "Competitions: Betting game" it is possible to start your own betting game in your community for various competitions. Primarily the plugin is designed for football, but you can also bet on other competitions. Create, manage and edit your betting game just the way you like it and give your community a change from everyday online life.

Competition types

Despite all efforts to make the plugin as flexible as possible, each competition has its own peculiarities, which is why the plugin supports competitions in league format as well as tournaments in knockout format. You would like to extend the offer? Let me know and we will be happy to discuss what can be done.

Prediction game comments

In order to enable your betting game participants to talk about individual games, the betting game app offers a separate commentary function for each game.

Import/export of competitions

By means of a very simple import/export function, each betting game can be shared with others or prepared in a test installation and later imported into live operation.

Supported contests / automatic result maintenance

Over I offer the possibility to get free of charge the competitions I support, so that a communally designed pairing and result maintenance can be operated here. If you want to use this service, a server communication with is required. Please note that this is a free service which I cannot guarantee at all times and that this service is no part of the purchase contract.

Setting options

In the ACP you have the possibility to determine a completely free distribution of points for victories, defeats and draws according to your needs. This way, in addition to a correct result, the tendency or the correct difference can be rewarded with points. Even away tips are possible.

User group rights

Various setting options are available here. From the possibility to view the betting game, to create, edit or delete your own betting games, to manage "foreign" betting games up to the moderation of the betting game comments, this app probably covers every wish.

"Competitions Basic System"

Please note before installation that the free end application Competition Basic System must be installed.


The product offered here can be operated in WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 (WSC 5.2).


supported languages

  • germany.png German
  • uk.png English


Support for all my products can be found on This enables me to process all my customers' requests in a bundled and timely manner. Please understand that requests coming from other sources cannot be processed.


As to all my products you can also test this product free of charge in my Online-Demo in all peace on "heart and kidneys". A free registration is however necessary under

Branding Free

None of my products has a visible copyright notice that you or your users would be annoyed about. Only the source code contains the usual information which will not bother you or your users.

No questions?

If you still have open questions, you can always open a new topic in my forum in the category "Questions before buying" and I will try to answer everything to your satisfaction so that even the last uncertainties can be resolved.

License conditions

YoureCom License - Commercial (YCLC)

In accordance with § 19 Section 1 (Kleinunternehmerregelung) the products are of Marcel Beckers exempt from sales tax.

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  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 5.2.4

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    Fixes an error in the automatic updating of results

    Fixes an error that could occur on Linux servers

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    Improved mobile view within a league

    Changed view for the best players, if the points of the players are the same

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    Missing language variables added

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    Official Release

  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 5.2.0 Beta 3

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    Extension of the beta phase until 31.07.2020

    Change of name in the gameday table

  • WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 5.2.0 Beta 2

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    Corrects a display error after the tip submission

    After the bet was placed, the player was always redirected to the current matchday

    Added form display with unchanged table placements

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