YoureCom License - Commercial (YCLC)

1. Scope
1.1 The following license terms apply to all purchase agreements concluded with Marcel Beckers for the paid versions of his products.
1.2 Only the provisions of this license agreement apply. Oral side agreements or any terms and conditions of the buyer are already contradicted / not accepted.
1.3 By purchasing, downloading and installing the product you declare your agreement with the present license terms. If you do not agree with these terms, you may not purchase or install the copy of the product.
1.4 Your right to use the product expires automatically if one of the conditions of these license terms is violated. Upon termination of the right of use, you are obliged to delete the product on the servers and databases used and to destroy all copies of the product, including any modified and changed versions of the product.

2. License scope
2.1 The product you have purchased is licensed exclusively to the person on the invoice and is solely for this purpose.

3. Reproductions
You may reproduce the software as far as the respective duplication is necessary for the use of the software.
3.1 The necessary duplication includes the installation of the product, which means installing the software on a server using a database.
3.2 You may also make a duplication for backup purposes. However, only one backup copy of the product may be made and stored at a time. The backup copy is to be marked as such of the licensed product.
3.3 For reasons of data security and ensuring the reactivation of a computer system after a total failure, you may make backup copies in the mandatory number by periodically backing up the entire database including the computer programs used (for example, by using a tape drive). The data carriers concerned must be marked accordingly. The backup copies may only be used for purely archival purposes and for the purpose of reactivation.
3.4 The user may additionally install a copy of the product as a trial version on a server in order to be able to check changes to the source code, templates or to the database. The trial version may only be used by the licensee and not operated as a public installation.
3.5 You may not make further reproductions.

4. Changes
4.1 You may carry out changes to the source code of the product at your own responsibility. You are prohibited from removing or obscuring any copyright notice. Furthermore, changes to the source code may not be passed on.
4.2 The copyright is to be taken over in own or changed versions of the product.
4.3 If you have purchased a "Branding Free" license, you are permitted to remove visible copyright notice yourself.

5. Transfer
5.1 A resale of the software is only permissible per software copy as a whole, ie, abandoning the own use of the compensated "copy", customers are entitled, by submitting the software to a third party, the right to use according to the between Marcel Beckers and the customer existing arrangements for use. Customers are required to delete the software on the remaining data carriers upon such transfer to a third party. As a result of the transfer, the right of the customer to use the software expires.

6. Liability
6.1 The manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage, errors, data loss or the like which may arise from the use of the product.