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Why YoureCom?

Already at the time of the WBB2 in the year 2004 I dealt in my free time with the development of own extensions for the WBB. Since 2012, I run my former hobby as a sideline and therefore can already prove 15 years of experience with the software and the community. My goal has always been to provide high quality products at affordable prices that meet the needs of my customers.

100% Transparency

Quickly and easily create your own personal online demo to test all products in peace.
Source code insight
For each purchased product, you can always view the source code and the changes after a version jump.
Open and honest communication
False promises or hypocrisy do not exist with me. If something is not possible, I'll tell you if I can, but in the same way.

WSC documentary

The German-speaking community project around the WSC. Here, aspiring WSC developers and WSC designers can find help with the WSC. From "Best Practice" - to looking up individual functions and classes of the WSC is an entry for everyone. Everyone is invited to compose and extend their own entries for the WSC documentary.

Sale via

On, I offer everyone the opportunity to distribute their free and fee-based apps and styles for the WSC via the in-house shop system. Again, my principle applies: "Everything at fair prices".


I do not provide 24/7 support as I am the proud dad of a 7 year old son, husband and full time shift worker. I offer also no telephone support, but limit myself exclusively to my support forum. This allows me to process the concerns of my clients chronologically, without that something is forgotten.

16 Years experience

34 Products

259 Releases

4,169 Kunden

1,189 Edited inquiries