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Some are surely familiar with the problem that you painstakingly for different areas of its web offer the user groups have adjusted accordingly, but new users are unfortunately difficult to do in the menu system in order to compete in an appropriate user group.

With this plugin you can x any moderated groups indicate the a user can apply directly and without detours within the registry. So you draw from the beginning to the whole attention of their newcomers on all aspects of their offer.

Supported languages:

German, English



Scope of license:

Free updates for all packages of the 1.x version number

In accordance with § 19 Section 1 (Kleinunternehmerregelung) the products are of Marcel Beckers exempt from sales tax.

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    [Behoben] Ein Fehler der bei mehreren selektierten Benutzergruppen

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    [Geändert] Gruppenbeschreibung wird nun unter der Benutzergruppe angezeigt anstatt daneben.

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