Definitions 2

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1 Woltlab Community Framework 2.0
It's finally here, the popular plugin Definition is now finally for the wcf 2!
Description: Because where people gamble a game , they gamble in the rule in a clan . A clan always mean that you want to demonstrate its cohesion to the outside and especially when taken within a community many different clans together.

With the plugin "clan tag" They give their users the ability in their profile an individual clan name , clan tag , a clan color, as well as a link to a clan website , etc. specify…
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Multihunter 2

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1 Woltlab Community Framework 2.0
Do you have problems with double accounts? You want to prevent efficient that their users with two or more user accounts stay in your community? Then the multi- Hunter is exactly what you are looking for!

The multi Hunter checked automatically by 4 routines , whether it is a potential Doppeaccount for a user . An examination alone already provides good protection , but the combination of these , the Multi Hunter is a unique tool to make double accounts identified.

Registry Checker

Once a…
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Competition basic system

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1
The final application, "Competition basic system" serves as a basis for implementing various types of competition. However, without appropriate extensions this end use is relatively useless, as this only several Recurring tasks can be performed. To get the full benefit, as an extension of the plugin ": Contests League [URL:]" is require.

In future, even more competitive species (KO / KO system with preliminaries / Team League)…
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Clan Management: Boards

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
Advance : In order to use this plugin, you need the paid plugin Clan Administration [URL:]

Own forums: Let your clan create their own forums, enabling them to communicate on a unique level internal or external. The number of forums can be controlled by each clan to any size. You must also not do as Administator a handshake.

Own Moderation: True to Benutzergeuppeneinstllungen Clans can set their own "Forum Moderators", so that…
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MessageSidebar Socialmessenger Buttons

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1 Woltlab Community Framework 2.0
Dieses Plugin fügt den Woltlab Burning Board Versionen 4.0.X und 4.1.X Buttons für die meisten gängigen Messenger und Socialnetworks ein. Dabei greift es auf bereits verfügbare Funktionen des WCF/WBB zurück und modifiziert das Board so nur minimal.
Bei der Entwicklung dieses Plugins wurde darauf geachtet, dass es sich nahtlos in bestehende Stile und das System integriert.
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