Definitions 3

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
In your forum, it is common that many abbreviations are used? The fact that many technical terms are used? This has unfortunately always mean that it is difficult for newcomers to follow a discussion. It is at this point will help the plugin to make it your still newcomers to make it easier to find your way around.
Add in just a few clicks a word or an
abbreviation of their choice, and a description of the ACP, and now appears in a description of each new post box where the user is…
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Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
Are you looking for a guestbook that is available to you, your registered members, and your users at the same time, as a protection against spam, as well as a seamless layout and functional scope? Then you are exactly right here. The guestbook offers everything your heart desires. Guests can create posts in their guestbook without any registration by selecting a user name, specifying an e-mail address and filling in a captcha. It can be set, that new contributions have to be…
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Clan Management 2

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
In the description, I exclusively use the term clan, which can be replaced at any time by club, team, clique, interest group, etc.
Product description: You want to give your community more structure? Would you like more privacy? And give her the opportunity to present herself better? Then is exactly this plugin that is right for you. Primarily, the plugin "clan administration" is designed for communities, which are several clans, but also for any other interests, clubs, teams, cliques, etc. is…
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OptionType Colorpicker

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
Vorweg: Hinweis: Dieses Paket allein stellt nur eine Funktion bereit, die Entwickler nutzen können. Es selber bringt keine sichtbare Funktion in das WCF und kann nur von ENtwicklern gebraucht werden!
Beschreibung: Dieses Paket stellt den Optionstypen "colorpicker" zur Verfügung. Dadurch kann z.B. in der userOption.xml sowohl für das ACP als auch für das Frontend eine Farbwähleroption eingebunden werden.
(Code, 1 line)

Dankeschön an SoftCreatr und Morik, die das…
2.1.0 RC 2

Competitions: KO Tournament

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1
Despite careful testing during development, I can not rule out errors. Therefore, I would like to ask you, as always, to install the whole in a productive system. Everything else happens at your own risk.


They have always wanted to organize their own personal KO tournament in their community to a game of their choice to find out who is the best player?
With the KO tournament plugin you have the possibility to organize your own personal KO tournament in just a few steps.…
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1.0.0 Beta 3

Clan Management: Boards

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1
advance : In order to use this plugin, you need the paid plugin Clan Administration [URL:]

own forums: Let your clan create their own forums, enabling them
to communicate on a unique level internal or external. The number of forums can be controlled by each clan to any size. You must also not do as Administator a handshake.

Own Moderation: True to Benutzergeuppeneinstllungen Clans can set
their own "Forum Moderators", so that…
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Advertisementbox 2

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1 Woltlab Community Framework 2.0
Whenever many people meet each other, it is important to notify you of these changes and changes. Fast, easy and completely uncomplicated can be " 2 Ankündigungsbox " realize this by the plugin.
Thus, the user also assumes the Ankündigungsbox true any time, this has the possibility after reading the announcement to mark the message as read, so that the message is no longer visible to him and his normal reading flow is not unnecessarily disturbed and .
You can also determine which…
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2.0.5 pl 1


Woltlab Community Framework 2.1
Description: Because where people gamble a game , they gamble in the rule in a clan . A clan always mean that you want to demonstrate its cohesion to the outside and especially when taken within a community many different clans together.

With the plugin "clan tag" They give their users the ability in their profile an individual clan name , clan tag , a clan color, as well as a link to a clan website , etc. specify and all this without having to connect the user name with the clan tag .…
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2.0.0 pl 2

Competitions: Leagues

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1
They wanted within their community ever want their own personal league organize a game of their choice to find out so who is the best player?
The League plugin You have the opportunity to organize their own personal league in only a few steps.

In ACP, they have the ability to set a completely free distribution of points according to their needs for wins, losses and draws.

User group rights
Here you have several setting options are available. Managed by the ability to see the…
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Clan Management

Woltlab Community Framework 2.1
Anticipation: In the description I use only the term clan, you can always replace any with club, team, clique, interest group etc..They want to give their community more structure? Would you give more privacy? And give her the opportunity to present themselves better? Then is exactly this plugin that is right for you.
Primary the plugin "Clan Management" for Communities is designed that are home to several clans, but also for any other interest groups, clubs, teams, cliques, etc. This plugin is…
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