Better Content 5.2

Woltlab Suite Core 5.2
Product description
With longer texts it happens unfortunately again and again that errors creep in here. The app "Better Content" offers you and your users a simple way to point out possible spelling and grammar mistakes in texts. All the user has to do is mark the text passage, select the "Report errors" function and can immediately enter the correction in the dialog box that appears. You and your team will then have the opportunity to check the moderation messages to see which improvements…
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OptionType Colorpicker

Woltlab Suite Core 5.2
Product description
This package provides the option types "colorpicker". This allows you to include a color selector option in the userOption.xml for the ACP as well as for the frontend. In addition, the color picker can be integrated directly into a template in order to use it there.


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The product offered here can be operated in WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 (WSC 5.2).

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Wer War Online

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
Fügt eine Box hinzu die anzeigt wer heute/in den letzten 24 Stunden alles Online war

verschiedene Darstellungsvarianten (Avatare und Benutzernamen)
Sortierung individuell einstellbar (nach Benutzername oder letzte Aktivität)
Maximale Anzahl an dargestellten Benutzer konfigurierbar

Die Postionen der Box kann man einstellen
Linke Seitenleiste
Im Inhaltsbereich oben
Rechte Seitenleiste
Im Inhaltsbereich unten
Unter Inhaltsbereich

Die Erweiterung kostet bei uns…

Competition Basic System 5.2

Woltlab Suite Core 5.2
Product description
The end application "Competitions Basic System" serves as a basis for the implementation of different types of competitions for the e-sports sector. Without appropriate extensions, however, this end application is relatively useless, as it can be used to perform various recurring tasks. In order to fully enjoy the end application, a fee required extension such as "Competitions: Leagues [URL:]" or "Competitions: KO…

Clantag 2

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
Description: Because where peoplegamble a game , they gamble in the rule in a clan . A clan always mean that you want to demonstrate its cohesion to the outside and especially when taken within a community many different clans together.

With the plugin "clan tag" They give their users the ability in their profile an individual clan name , clan tag , a clan color, as well as a link to a clan website , etc. specify and all this without having to connect the user name with the clan tag .…
EUR 2.99
2.1.0 RC 1

Multihunter 3

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
Do you have problems with double accounts? You want to prevent efficient that their users with two or more user accounts stay in your community? Then the Multihunter is exactly what you are looking for! The Multihunter checked automatically by 4 routines, whether it is a potential Doppeaccount for a user. An examination alone already provides good protection , but the combination of these , the Multihunter is a unique tool to make double accounts identified.
Registry Checker
Once a user…
EUR 12.49

Usergroups application during registration

Woltlab Suite Core 3.1 Woltlab Suite Core 3.0
Some are surely familiar with the problem that you painstakingly for different areas of its web offer the user groups have adjusted accordingly, but new users are unfortunately difficult to do in the menu system in order to compete in an appropriate user group.

With this plugin you can any moderated groups indicate the a user can apply directly and without detours within the registry. So you draw from the beginning to the whole attention of their newcomers on all aspects of their…
EUR 2.49
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